6 news sources every journalist AND content marketer should consume

May 31, 2015Original Thinking

This whole site is built around the concept that journalists and content marketers are more alike than they are different, and they should be having a shared conversation rather than carrying on in two separate filter bubbles.

Fortunately, in addition to this site, there are a number of outlets that provide valuable information and perspective for both groups. Each still leans toward either journalism or marketing, but if you consume them both together, you’ll have a much more well-rounded understanding of what’s happening in this evolving media environment.

Here are six of the best, divided by format. If you already listen to one, start listening to the other one in that group, because it will be similar while offering a different perspective. Consider them the opposing muscle groups of modern media, the biceps and triceps exercises every journalist and content marketer needs to be knowledgeable.


Poynter and Contently

Poynter and Contently routinely offer news and analysis that bridges the divide between journalism and marketing. Poynter is a revered source of journalism expertise, but it also publishes perspectives about content marketing. Contently is a great resource for information and insight about content marketing, but it also publishes news about innovative journalism.

By reading Poynter, marketers can learn more about the techniques behind professional journalism. By reading Contently, journalists can better understand techniques for reporting and editing for media-supported companies.


On The Media” and “This Old Marketing

The duo behind On The Media are absolutely unflinching in their advocacy for ethical, accurate journalism, while the two hosts of This Old Marketing are similarly unafraid to be brutally honest about the latest news in content marketing.

By listening to On The Media, marketers can better understand the complex issues of objectivity and fairness. By listening to This Old Marketing, journalists can better understand the business models and strategies underlying their industry.

2017 Update: This Old Marketing ended at the end of 2017, but I still recommend checking out their archives.


Nieman Lab and “CMO Today

Harvard’s Nieman Lab is a stellar round-up of diverse, cutting edge media news, while the Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today covers the major marketing and media stories of the day. If Nieman Lab doesn’t have a story about a new publication launching, CMO Today likely will.

By subscribing to Nieman Lab, marketers can learn about all the exciting new innovations at traditional and non-traditional news outlets. By subscribing to CMO Today, journalists can get a broader view of the business side of their industry, from trends related to advertising that sustains their companies, to mergers and acquisitions among major media companies.