Introducing our weekly newsletter, Long Story Short

JUNE 1, 2017

Author’s note:

This article was published on Lee’s agency’s blog, and introduces the concept behind a new weekly newsletter Lee launched, which both served to attract new clients, as well as retain and grow existing accounts. The newsletter earned rave reviews from his clients, and provided his firm with a tool to nurture leads and bring back previous clients. 

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We preach to all our clients the value of stories. Narrative descriptions are so much more compelling and memorable than spouting random promotional statements.

Plenty of other marketers echo this advice, of course, but their actions don’t match their words.

The truth is, most writing about marketing consists of dry “how-to” articles that are heavy on prescription and light on evidence. The majority of what we see is both boring and unconvincing, especially for anyone who isn’t already interested in marketing.

That’s why we launched a marketing newsletter that’s probably like nothing you’ve read before.

We first find great true stories that anyone will find fascinating. If nothing else, you’ll get some great water cooler or cocktail party conversation material.

We then pull out useful business lessons from those stories. These are takeaways that aren’t just for marketers – anyone can learn something about how companies can better strategize and communicate. And because it’s all presented in story form, it’s much more memorable.

Finally, because we know you already get bombarded by information, we keep it short. We condense every story to 300 words or less, distilling each to its best details, that way you can quickly and clearly get the idea.

We call it Long Story Short, and we send it out every Monday morning so you can start your week with something smart. We dare say you might even look forward to it when you come into work.

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